Illuminate your soul.

Travel deep within your soul's power to discover your ancestral origin, powerful expression, and inspiring manifestation.


Find your life's fullest expression.


"Mana" is your innate wisdom. It is the soul's deepest power -- your intuition, your passion, your drive to be human, your purpose. Mana is your reason to learn, grow, and accelerate your divine being. 

The Illumana Project works with you to ignite your mana and realize the truth of your soul, your personal power and innate knowing. Through our work together, you will experience:

  • A conscious connection to your soul's purpose

  • Release and healing from illness and trauma

  • A greater understanding of your current path

  • The ability to manifest the life that you want

  • Insight into limiting emotional blocks

  • A deeper connection to your guidance and innate wisdom

  • An improved relationship with yourself, and in turn with those around you

  • Increased vitality


Meet Sarah

Sarah Brown's greatest joy seeds from awakening the light which lives within YOU. She is a spiritual powerhouse when it comes to aiding others in clearing away the many blocks and limitations that we, as humans, tend to place around ourselves.

She will lovingly work with your guidance to develop a framework that assists you in seeing the world through new and spectacular eyes: through the eyes of Spirit. Her life's work ignites the intuition in others, attuning and aligning your energy at the Soul Level.

This process strips away all that you are not, and empowers your true gifts to blossom and flourish.


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